Fund Network


Cassandra thrives on advising venture funds, growth businesses and corporate venture division and implementing innovative and future-oriented growth vehicles and programmes designed to scale business.

She has built and developed a large investor community and wealth management network of family offices, corporate venture capital funds and traditional venture funds over the years.

She is board advisor to Easymoney.com where she worked closely with serial entrepreneur and founder of EasyJet, Stelios Haji-Ioannouand, and the Andrew De Candole Family office in building and launching a new family office network to cross sell co-investment opportunities to family offices globally.

The initiative is designed to stimulate co-investment sharing activity amongst these investors. She has also consulting on how to set up a brokerage component to their business model.

Cassandra also provides board-level guidance  to the Billion Dollar Fund for women, a Washington, D.C. based global funders consortium, which mobilizes venture capital firms to invest in women-founded companies, which hit the US$500 million mark in pledges just three weeks after launching. The fund was inspired by a desire to mobilize and connect these venture funds with institutional and other investors to create larger pools of capital for venture investments into women-founded companies

Cassandra has helped to connect institutional investors, family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and wealth managers who recognize opportunities in women innovators and entrepreneurs to the initiative, she is also actively helping the funds that are associated with this initiative to complete their fundraises through her investor network as well as connecting them with female led ventures.

She was recently invited to 11 Downing street to attend the launch of the British Business Banks report on Female Founders access to Venture Capital.