Cassandra’s vision is to continue to successfully build and own a large portfolio of high growth investments which have the potential to impact over a billion people positively. She is dedicated to discovering and backing visionary entrepreneurs who are using technology to solve grand challenges. As a result, much of her work is geared around investing into these entrepreneurs and designing, building and implementing innovative programmes and initiatives that help to accelerate them and their businesses.

The reward is in the risk

Companies like Aviva, BBC, Red Bull, Google, Coca Cola, Nestlé are making big bets on startups. We co-invest alongside forward thinking corporates who see the world of opportunity in startups that are defining their future.

We invest in technology businesses driven by smart entrepreneurial teams with disruptive ideas for extreme impact solutions. We invest in proven future forward startups who are ready to scale, typically from seed to pre Series B. Ventures which have the potential to disrupt key industries that we know today.  The mega game-changers of traditional industries guide our investment selection.

If you have a startup that is looking to gain access to investment and or important business resources for scale please get in touch. Likewise if you are an investor and or corporate organisation looking for specific dealflow to invest into please get in touch too.